Are you struggling to accept your new life? 

Are you looking for someone who really understands what it is like to live with a brain injury?

You feel the need to be heard and listened to but how do you explain what living with a brain injury is really like? Besides, everyone keep saying things like,

What would they know about it?! They’re not the ones having to wake up in a world that should be familiar but it’s suddenly so confusing.

In December 2014 my car was struck from behind, and I smashed into the central crash barrier. An air ambulance took me to hospital, where the emergency team did their best to stabilise my wildly fluctuating blood pressure. They stitched up the large cut on my head and waited for me to start coming round enough to have a conversation.

I had to learn to walk, talk, read and write again, all everyday skills we take for granted. And I can tell you the easiest part was walking again! It was all the cognitive skills that were the most frustrating. Having a diffuse axonal brain injury meant my brain was completely jumbled up.

But as you are reading this, clearly I did make progress. Although that’s not the end of the story.

The hardest part was learning to accept the new me. I will never be the same person I was before this happened to me, and that’s a really difficult process to go through.

AND at the same time my Dad was struggling with Alzheimer’s which was progressing very quickly. So I was caring for him and helping him to adjust to his dramatically changing situation. That’s right, I had a serious brain injury but was still the only person my Dad could turn to, and trust to make decisions for him! 

But in a way it was fortunate that it turned out that way. Because I was able to use my experience of coping with a misfiring brain to relate to Dad and guide him better.

Have you been searching for someone to help you get to the next stage of your recovery?

I can help you through your transformation of accepting your new life, and THRIVING! You can discover how to uncover the secret to your inner peace just like I did.
Together we will reveal how amazing you really are!

The journey of every survivor is unique. But we are better at relating to each others stories because we can relate to the difficulties and frustrations. That's why my blog has been a source of comfort for many. Now I'm able to offer you EVEN MORE.

This is for you if you want....

I am available for coaching
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Weekly 1 hour sessions for 3 months. (12 sessions.)

Email support throughout the 3 months, so you can write your questions and concerns as you think of them. And you'll always get a reply before our next session.

Confidence that the person you are speaking to can relate to the frustrations of living with an invisible disability.

Reassurance with how to help friends and relatives maintain a deep and understanding bond with you.

Don't just take my word for it.

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