Guided Meditation

It has been well documented how taking part in regular meditation practise is good for your mental health. I explained before in my blog post Mindfulness in 5 easy steps. Regain balance after a brain injury , how it helped me calm my racing mind.

That’s why meditation is so important, particularly for brain injury survivors. When your brain is having to put in extra effort to do what used to be second nature for you, it can lead to your mind trying to run a thousand miles an hour too. (Which is stressful enough for anyone, but believe me this can be so much worse for a survivor.)

One of the most common reasons people say they struggle to meditate is they find it hard to shut out all the other thoughts that are fighting for attention. So a practical solution is to have someone guide you through what to be focusing on. This way even if your mind has wandered else where, you are being reminded be let that go, and continue with the meditation.

Thus I have recorded a guided meditation for you which is a simple body scan. Don’t worry if you have never tried to meditate before, there’s a short introduction which explains what you need to do to prepare. The meditation itself is approximately 10 minutes, which is short enough for you to find the time in your day to take part in it, and yet just long enough to help you feel calmer as a result.

The soundtrack used on this is by the composer, Borrtex (aka Daniel Bordovsky.) As such a generous person he has granted me license to use this track for this video. He is from Prague, Czech Republic and is currently  working on his ambition of writing soundtracks for major movies. Check out more of his work at

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