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Eyes are the window to the soul.

The C-Rod

is the new tool to train your eyes to be the key to your concussion diagnosis & recovery process.

Eyes are the window to the soul.

The C-Rod

is the new tool to train your eyes to be the key to your concussion diagnosis & recovery process.​

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When I say concussion I should actually say brain injury, because that’s what it is. For too long now the word concussion has been associated with a minor injury that you don’t need to worry about. But believe me you should worry. Some people make a decent recovery in around 3 months. But more often than not it can take much longer than you could ever imagine.

Often the problem starts with a lack of diagnosis.

You try to continue with your day, maybe thinking a nap and some painkillers will do the trick....

But the headaches persist.

Your speech may become slurred.

You feel foggy and confused.

Amnesia around the event sets in.

Simple questions feel unusually hard to answer.

Nausea turns to violent vomiting.


But the headaches persist.

Your speech But the headaches persist.

Your speech may become slurred.

You feel foggy and confused.

Amnesia around the event sets in.

Simple questions feel unusually hard to answer.

Nausea turns to violent vomiting.

We don’t want to make a fuss of “just a bump on the head” so precious time ticks by which could make the difference to a successful recovery process. But as the symptoms worsen it becomes clear that this is serious. How long does that take? Hours…..? Days……?

Now there is a simple, portable tool that can accurately and clearly diagnose a MTBI (mild brain injury).  

In just 30 seconds it will prove if the person has sustained a concussion!

The C-Rod

A Vision Rehabilitation Tool For Concussion Injury And Oculomotor Dysfunction

If you have been following me for a while, you will know that I will only endorse products that I genuinely believe in. I have approached this with my usual spectism (and spoiler alert I’m happily partnering with the founders of C-Rod Technologies, so you know that means I’m impressed.) It was designed and developed by Dr. Gerald S. Komarnicky who has degrees in Physics, Visual Science and Optometry and has been practising with the Downtown Vancouver Optometry Clinic since 1985.  (A.K.A someone who knows what he’s talking about!)

Firstly I'll quickly explain what Oculomotor Dysfunction is:

This is a condition which can affect anyone at any age and as it can affect a person’s reading ability it often can be mistaken for Dyslexia. However whereas Dyslexia is a language based disorder, Oculomotor Dysfunction is a problem with the Oculomotor system. (This is a very intricate system which is in the nervous system and is responsible for various sophisticated eye movements.)
All patients with a concussion or brain injury will have Oculomotor Dysfunction so it’s a key symptom to focus on when diagnosing a brain injury.
Common symptoms of Oculomotor Dysfunction:
  • Difficulty holding the eyes steady on a fixed target without moving off the target.
  • Struggling to look at different visual targets by jumping from one to the other. Often it will be challenging to quickly zone in on the intended target.
  • Following a moving target with the eyes, without moving the head can be extremely difficult.

Normal vision.

Both eyes successfully focused on the same point (in this example it’s the middle of the flower.) This is called vergence.

Oculomotor Dysfunction.

The eyes are not able on focus on the intended target (in this example it’s the middle of the flower.) This can cause blurred or double vision, cause headaches and can mean maintaining focus very difficult.

If you want a full description of what Oculomotor Dysfunction is, there’s a very detailed article by McGovern Medical School. It’s written well and includes diagrams to make it easier to follow, but it might take a while to get through it all. But if curiosity is getting the better of you you can check it out here.

How The C-Rod can diagnose a concussion:

With it’s 2 bright yellow tips, The C-Rod offers static targets that the patient can use to complete simple visual exercises. By holding The C-Rod at arms length they can see if they are able to accurately complete the 6 different recommended exercises. Dr Komarnicky explains:

Most healthy persons can do one saccade (a back and forth movement of the eyes with the C-Rod) – per second for 30 seconds free of distress.

A person with a concussion will not make it to 30 seconds – they may get to 4  or 8 cycles before they drop the C-Rod, cradle their head and say they cannot complete the task.  Some will then cry or say they are going to be sick.  This happens at the time of injury and without therapy can last a lifetime.

The C-Rod is a valuable rehabilitation tool:

It comes with the 6 exercises fully explained and this can be easily fitted into your day. Even if you are already taking part in other therapies, you can use this alongside them. I would highly recommend that you keep a record of how you score in each exercise everyday because you can measure your progress.

It’s an affordable tool which is easy to store that is going to make such a difference to your brain. This is because the exercises engage so many different areas of the brain and with continued use you begin to rebuild new neural pathways. You only need to commit to 5 minutes practise a day to take a proactive approach to your brain health. In affect you are directing where your brain should focus it’s efforts in your recovery process.

The benefits are not limited to just your sight....

The eyes are receptors but vision is a brain function which involves many different areas of the brain.

Glasses help your vision.

Our eyes make thousands of voluntary and involuntary movements throughout the day. To do this you are not just using the muscles around the eyes. The brain is doing a great deal. It’s not even just the area which makes sense of the images that your eyes see.

Every area shown on this simple diagram is involved in the process! 

Therefore these are all areas which this therapy can help you with!

Potential symptoms that The C-Rod could help you with:

  • Blurred vision
  • Reduced visual acuity
  • ‘Bouncing images’
  • (Oscillopsia) or double vision
  • Dizziness
  • Vertigo
  • Slurred speech
  • Swallowing
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Headaches

…. the list goes on! 

Of course results will vary as we are all individuals with totally unique brain injuries. However, let me put it to you this way….

When you consider that many optometrists are not trained in this and therefore they may not be able to accurately diagnose it, let alone treat it, answer this question…..

How much would you pay a professional eye Doctor who specialises in Oculomotor Dysfunction to give you the tools and advice on what exercises will help you?

The average cost for an initial consultation with an optometrist in America is $200.

And if they haven't been trained in this area they still might not be able to diagnose this particular problem!

That’s why I know that you are going to be so pleased with The C-Rod. It’s giving you the opportunity to take control of the situation for just a fraction of the cost. This is something that you can keep for when any member of your family has an accident and you want to know straight away if they have sustained a brain injury.

The C-Rod, complete with the exercises fully explained in the exclusive instruction leaflet is only

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