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Brain injury community

As this blog has grown I have virtually met so many incredible people. They have been a mixture of fellow survivors, loved ones caring for a survivor and professionals supporting our futures.

I’m so thankful that some readers of this blog feel the confidence to ask questions and leave comments on my articles. I’m sure it supports others more than you will ever know, as they could be facing something similar to you. Thus I feel we have created a community spirit here.


Facebook group

But if that’s not enough, I have also started to run a Facebook group, which already existed but it”s founder felt he couldn’t give it the attention it deserved. So he asked me to give it the TLC that it needed. You are all welcome to join us at Brain Injury & Mental Health Support Group. It’s founded in the UK, but we welcome all our international friends. Survivors, caregivers and professionals are all invited so we can support one another.

Facebook page

Also I have a Facebook page, Jumbledbrain where I share other bloggers work as well as my own. If you’re ever looking for inspiration on what to read, this could be a great place to start.

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The Pinterest group for brain injury bloggers articles.

Pinterest Brain Injury Group Board

And finally I have the Brain Injury Group Board on Pinterest. It’s run by a number of bloggers and together we are creating our own one stop shop for brain injury articles. With over 1000 pins, and updated regularly, it’s packed with useful information and inspiration, all about brain injury.


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