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Brain injury blog by survivor

Brain injury blog by survivor



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Brain injury blog by survivor

Brain injury blog by survivor



You behind the illness

I was tagged by Alice (or Ali as she prefers to be called) from Notebooks and Glasses. As chronic illness bloggers trying to raise awareness and understanding about our conditions, we sometimes forget to show who we are, not what we are. So this tag is so make us show a bit more about our personalities and might give more insight to the person behind the blog. You can read Ali’s Behind The Illness post here. I have tagged a few more bloggers, but anyone is welcome to take part. Thanks Ali for inviting me to do this.

Four places I’ve lived:

(All in England.)

  1. Burfield common, Berkshire (yes that’s the edge of a forest.)
  2. On the Somerset coast (a little seaside town where I was walking distance to the beach.)
  3. Up a hill in Devon on the edge of the moors (where my neighbours were the sheep.)
  4. In leafy Hertfordshire, close to London but still amongst the countryside.

So you might have guessed I’m  not much of an urban dweller. I have worked in towns and cities (including London) but I like to have my peace and quiet when I’m home.

Four places I’ve worked:

  1. Retail manager for a few different high street names, in numerous different locations. I was in retail for about 10 years, and believe me I have seen some funny stuff. Including a woman whilst in a fresh food aisle put a potty on the floor so her child could have a poo. This store had customer toilets so it was completely unnecessary, oh and the child missed the potty….
  2. Cosmetics account manager for a few different premium brands. I did enjoy boosting people’s confidence by  doing their makeup in a way they could emulate at home.
  3. Recruitment consultant. I was always trying to save the world and help everyone find their next job. Clearly that was unrealistic but that’s what you get for seeing people as an individual and not a number.
  4. Employer engagement manager for the London Hairdressing Apprenticeship Academy, where I helped young apprentice hairdressers find the right employer to help them progress in their new career.

Four favourite hobbies:

  1. Writing my blog and getting creative with the images.
  2. Tending to my garden and making it look pretty and welcoming.
  3. I love playing games designed to test and train your brain.
  4. Playing with my crazy cat.

Four things I like to watch:

  1. Game of Thrones – my favourite character is Therion. I love his quick wit, he’s so funny.
  2. Judge Judy – I know she’s a bit “Marmite”, either you love her or you hate her. But I love her. In this politically correct world, I enjoy seeing people being properly disciplined when they deserve it.
  3. Taskmaster on the channel Dave. I know my international friends will not know what I’m talking about, but it’s a show where comedians are given a weird task and they improvise how to solve it. It’s so funny I often think I’m going to die laughing as I enjoy how ridiculous and random it is. If you’re tempted to find out what I’m talking about here’s an episode on Youtube.
  4. Doctor Foster. This was a series on the BBC about a Doctor who’s almost perfect life falls apart when she realises her husband is having an affair. This intelligent and capable woman has a bit of a melt down as she begins her quest to exact revenge on him for his betrayal. (sorry it’s no longer on iPlayer. Full episodes are available on Youtube for £1.99 but here’s a trailer.

Four things I like to read:

  1. Mariam Keyes – She is a very funny irish author who likes to write about modern women.  I often recognise so many of the stupid situations her characters create for themselves, and although I get so embarrassed for them, I know it will come good in the end. Even if it’s not how I was expecting.
  2. Jonathan Kellerman – I enjoy his Alex Delaware series about a  forensic psychologist who solves crimes with the help of his best friend,  Milo Sturgis, who is a gay LAPD detective.
  3. Minnette Walters – A british crime author who has won numerous awards and had several of her books adapted for TV.
  4. Other bloggers work – I like to hear about their lives and what they are learning along the way.

Four places I’ve been:

  1. Rome – Walking through the Coliseum with my parents held me in awe. It’s amazing when you can feel so close to ancient history.
  2. Las Vegas – It’s the craziest place I’ve ever been, makes me feel like it’s one big amusement park or something.
  3. Amsterdam – I love the architecture and travelling down the canals.  I find it relaxing and exciting all at the same time.
  4. Cancun – Full of amazing people and the scenery is beautiful. (Plus I was obsessed with the Iguanas.)

Four things I love to eat:

  1. Citrus fruits – If it’s got Lemon in it I’m probably going to love it.
  2. Wagamama – I love their Japanese inspired menu. So many amazing flavours that just don’t happen in traditional british cooking.
  3. Rhubarb – I know it’s not for everyone, but I adore it. It sort of makes me think of a citrus version of strawberries (although I’ve never found anyone who agrees with me on that one.)
  4.  Mushrooms – I just love them (although I wish they weren’t a fungus, that word gives me the creeps.)

Four things I love to drink:

  1. Tea!!!! – I am a complete addict. My nightmare would be to run out. In fact I always take some on holiday with me in case they don’t have a proper English Breakfast Tea blend there.
  2. Woo Woo – But I love cocktails so I’m always trying new ones.
  3. Irish coffee – This only happens on a rare occasion for me, but when it’s done well It’s amazing.
  4. Cold water – Nothing in the entire world tastes better than water when you’re really thirsty.

Four places I want to visit:

  1. Maldives – I dream of staying in one of their water villas (or as I call them “huts on sticks.”) Update 2020 : I’ve now done this and it was just as amazing as I imagined it would be!!!
  2. Australia – To think that is a place where there are wild Koalas and Kangaroos is a step closer to heaven for me.
  3. Canada – It’s always fascinated me and I’d love to take in the culture.
  4. The Pyramids of Egypt – I think it’s incredible how powerful and knowledgeable the Ancient Egyptians were, and yet we are still only just beginning to  understand what was common knowledge of them.

Four blogger’s I’d like to tag (if you’ve not been tagged before.)

  1. Amber Blackburn at The world sees normal!
  2. Erin Beth at A Chronic Spoonful.
  3. Sue at Fibrodaze.
  4. Debra Meyerson at  Identity Theft.

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Did any of my answers surprise you?

As chronic illness bloggers trying to raise awareness and understanding about our conditions, we sometimes forget to show who we are, not what we are. So here's more about me, the blogger behind #jumbledbrain, as I am more than just my brain injury.

4 replies on “You behind the illness (tag)”

I worked in retail too! I was a management trainee for M&S but i couldn’t handle it at all & got made redundant at 19. Oops. In retrospect, best thing to ever happen to me as I found my true vocation – teaching!
I’ve been to Egypt & was astonished by it – try to visit!

Yeah I don’t think I would ever want to return to retail. It had its highs and its lows, which taught me so much. But I don’t think I’d like to revisit it.

As a Canuck, skip Canada…Niagara Falls is amazing but movies about it pretty much cover it better than real life. The Rocky Mountains are awe inspiring, but difficult to take in, in a short period of time…and I suspect with your brain injury you’re not into back country fresh powder skiing from a helicopter drop off. The Maritime provinces will remind you of the UK seaside, I’m sure. The rest of Canada…pretty boring…Toronto, Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Montreal…just big cities you can see in any 1st world country. But…if you’re into a week long backcountry hiking and canoeing vacation, then Algonquin park in Ontario is pretty cool…unless you come across a hungry bear. If you really want to experience Canada, simply set your computer up to say “I’m sorry” and “eh” every 2 minutes…not kidding on that…that is the most relevant “culture” we have, since we are such a young country. Yes, we have some pretty gardens…so does every country…yes we have some old looking buildings…but they are actually not old…yes we have some great multi-cultural festivals and communities…but so do all big cities. Architecture? Mostly square buildings with no creativity at all. Yes, we have some museums that are good for school outings, but they’re not like what Europe has. Like I said, we’re pretty boring…life of us Canucks. Fairly safe and polite place to live, but boring and a let down to visit. We’re sort of like Legoland of the globe…we copy other great countries and cultures, but we’re really just a facade on a small scale. Don’t get me wrong, I love being a Canuck, but I also acknowledge our boringness from a global perspective.

I’m sure I would say England is boring too, just because it’s what I’m used to.
I’d love to see your great outdoors and the formidable bears. But I’d like to learn more what you chaps are really like. I feel you’re probably closer to us than Americans as we too apologise for everything even when it makes no sense to.

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